Dawns Healthy Fitness LLC
    The Right Way Studio

About Us

Whether you want to be in better physical shape, or your doctor has recommended a fitness plan, I can provide you with a personalized program specific to your physical needs and life goals.

We will work together to determine the best program to benefit your health. This will be achieved by using positive reinforcement and periodic checks on goal attainment.

Your training sessions can be done in  the privacy of your home or at the Right Way Studio. Either location, I will provide you with the right tools and knowledge to change your life for the best.

The benefits of fitness will be realized almost immediately and when added to your normal routine will last a lifetime.



If you choose to workout at The Right Way Studio these are some of the  fun things you may be doing or working out with. 

If I am coming to your home generally that means you are unable physically to come to the studio, then the exercises will be based on your physical abilities ,what you may have at your disposal and also what I can bring.


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